Playlist update 27 May 2014

I feel that it’s time for a playlist update. I’ve left it for a while in the hopes that I won’t only find one song I like a week on various charts. So here it goes…

Jumping to the UK charts first, this lady has a stunning voice (fine there is some autotune there), but well worth a listen :). Clean Bandit ft. Sharne Bass – Extraordinary. New on the chart at number 5.

Who ever thought you could make so many ad songs so upbeat? Sigma does just that with “Nobody to Love”, and seems it’s lost love as it’s dropped down the charts and is sitting at number 11.

Very glad to see that Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” has come onto the charts at number 15. It can only move up.

I would lie if I told you I didn’t like this week’s number 37. It kind of speaks to the part of me that fell in love with Busted at age 13. Welcome to 5 Seconds of Summer “She Looks so Perfect”.


Thank goodness I just told you i like 5 Seconds of Summer. If you feel like a Blink 182 (early Blink) inspired song, new on the Austrian chart is “Good Girls” at number 30.

And another one why not! Number 36, 5 Seconds of Summer “Don’t Stop”. Why so many singles on the Aussie charts? Well they’re Australian…

And a bit of OneRepublic so I can get myself out of my teenage-self’s head. Number 38 on the Aussie Chart “Love Runs Out”.

Nothing from NZ…

And then let’s go for this one that’s been playing on 5FM non-stop and it’s stuck in my head “BOOTY IN YA FACE”!!!




  1. Nice list! I’ll have to check some of these tunes out!

    1. Glad you like them :). I try to do this every 2 weeks at least, but sometimes the charts are a bit slow.

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