DIY Crochet and knitted bag

DSCN2813 DSCN2814

So I was hoping that this post would propel me over the 1,000 views mark, but I see that that’s already happened! So thank you to everyone who reads this!

Either which way, I really enjoyed this little project. I’ve waited a while to share it because it was a birthday present and I firmly believe that the person receiving the gift should be the first person to enjoy it. The pattern for this (kind of) was in the December issue of the Stitches Magazine. I can;t find any online links, otherwise I would add it. I had to adapt the pattern, because instead of using tarn I used popcorn yarn. So it immediately made the bag a lot smaller. I readjusted the size and was able to work from there, creating a pattern as I went, and sort of following theirs as a suggestion.

The best bit about this bag is the bottom. There was no need to sew the project up at the end because it all knitted up in one piece. To do the bottom, I had 2 circular needles, and I alternated casting on to them, so when you started to knit, you knitted away from the centre of the piece. It worked really nicely and the pattern it creates on the bottom looks like it has been crocheted together.

The combo knitting-crocheting looks really nice, and the birthday girl seemed to like it as well. So she now has her first craft bag store the projects she is working on.



  1. […] can be made out of it. I used half of what I had to make a small bag earlier this year which you can see here. The colour of the yarn is stunning, so I had a great idea to make something that could make our […]

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