Repurposing unwanted pictures


A quick fun project that I did last weekend. We have come to the realization that we generally have so much going on, that’s it’s often easy to over look things. So we were looking at creating a space we can scribble our to-do-lists down. As we’re renting, painting one of the walls with blackboard paint was out of the question.

So we needed something that could easily be removed from the wall. This was when I realized that we have a picture hanging in the house that neither of us really like and that we could look at doing something else with it.

I do want to say this was not a painting. It was a print picture that had been given to us as a present. On the upside, I really like the frame. It goes really nicely with the teal chalkboard paint as well. I’m especially happy that I got to test the paint and the chalk pens I plan  to use on this little project. Killing two birds with one stone here.

I have a feeling that we may have bought way too much chalkboard paint, so I’m already thinking of what options I have to use the rest of it for, and what should have little black boards on them. I think the oil bottles I have are a definite option, just to help Chris figure out which one is olive oil and which one is canola… and maybe a few other little bits and pieces.



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