Patchwork cushion DIY


My sewing machine has been fixed! And it’s running like a dream :). It’s even quieter than it was to begin with. Apparently, each of the Elna’s have a specific bobbin you need to use with them. So, I now have everything I need to make sure the machine keeps running smoothly. And if not, my bobbin case now has a 3 month warranty.

Which means that I needed to test it out to make sure that it was working properly. This cushion is one that I started working on before all the machine drama took place. So it was nice to pick up a project that was ready to and just finish it up. It’s even been approved by Storm, as she slept on it all of last night :).

It’s great to have my lounge set all sorted and finished now. There are still 3 more cushions that I need covers for, but I think I am going to do something different with those ones, so we’ll see. Otherwise, I’ve been rather busy sorting out wedding decor and gardening, but there are some presents that I have been working on in the pipelines at the moment, and a jersey I’ve been making for myself.

All I know is that the arrival of this cold weather has we wishing I could sit at home in front of a fire and craft all day. At least because of all the South African public holidays we only have a 2 day week and I can make a plan for the weekend :).



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