Clanwilliam Dam Camping: Lebanon Citrus

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I’m a bit behind with updating my blog this week, but I have found that this short week has really tired me out for some reason. Or it could be that my mind has been on my wedding decor and sourcing things. Anyway…

For the Easter Weekend we missioned off to a wonderful little campsite between Citrusdal and Clanwilliam called Lebabnon Citrus. It was really a great weekend, as we made sure to book the campsite with the most shade so we could deal with the heat (at Easter this is weird in the Western Cape. Normally it’s raining). For R70pp per night, you get a fair size campsite that can accommodate 6 people. Fair trade I think.

The dam is absolutely stunning, and though plenty of fishing efforts were made, not many fish were caught – 1 to be exact. But the fishermen with us were tireless in there efforts to bring home the bacon. The rest of us were quite content with a weekend of relaxing, reading, knitting and crochet, mixed with good food and a game of 30 Seconds before bed.

Just a few things you need to know before you do book a trip:

  • The bathrooms are a bit of a walk from the campsite. So just take that into consideration if you are someone who often needs to take a walk. When I say far, it was about 400m from our campsite, but we were in the closest campsite.
  • There is an airstrip behind the campsites (between them and the bathroom). Though nothing landed their during our visit, it is covered in very nasty devil thorns… which have a habit of getting into the showers and your ground sheets.

Other than that, my favorite bit of the weekend was the night time walks to the bathroom, where either the moonlight illuminates all of the clouds, or you can see every single star in the sky.



  1. Maybe I will book a few nights there when we come over in April . rose can do some patch work and I can fish for you say bacon

    1. Could work 🙂 Just hope the weather is the same next year this time!

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