Weekend Roadtrip to a spot outside Swellendam

IMG_20140403_123139 IMG_20140328_190615 IMG_20140330_130224 IMG_20140403_123004 IMG_20140403_123102

We went camping at one of our favourite spots this past weekend. This is the thrid time that we have taken an after work drive to a little farm between Bonnievale and Swellendam to have a good recharge. The farm is called Leopard Trail, and really is a good chill spot.

The only reason I feel that I am willing to share our special spot with people is because of the farmer. We had a quick chat with him on Sunday morning before we packed up to come home, and he is only ever willing to have 40 people camping on the farm at a time. Because it is just that: a farm. They happen to have a beuttiful field which looks up onto the mountain and waterfall above it that they decided to share with other people, but they don’t need to make an income off of it.

Now that I don’t have to worry about my peaceful campsite being damaged by capitalist ideas, I can share it with you. The campsite is absolutely stunning with beautiful views of the mountains. At night it does look a bit like a scene from the Blair Witch Project, but nothing a good fire can’t fix. There is no electricity. But the showers are some of the best ever, as the water is heated by a Donkey Braai. In case you don’t know, this is an old school that has pipes that heat up and run parallel to water  pipes to heat them up.

There are about 4 dams that you can fish for bass in, and the bottom dam also has a canoe that you can play around in. Otherwise there are a number of hikes in the area. If you are a 4×4 fanatic, there are plenty of tracks for you to try out. And, if you are a group of 10 or more, there is a guided hike up the waterfall.

One of the reasons that we enjoying going to this campsite is because of the abundance of wildlife. You can almost always hear the baboons up in the mountains. The first time we arrived to find a bokkie blocking our path to the campsite. The second time we came across two porcupines as we entered the campsite. Our second visit was also interesting as we had the campsite to ourselves. The farm dogs had followed us down from the house to camp. At night they kept getting up and barking into the dark were we could see two red eyes watching us. The place has its name for a reason right? Night number two had us shining a powerful torch into the darkness to find the source of the eyes, and we were lucky to see a beautiful spotted genet. Such a rare and amazing siting. The campsite was maybe a bit loud for him this last weekend, as he stayed in the shadows but we could see his eyes.

There is almost some or other type of baby farm animal on the farm as well. And we have hidden a geocache in the campsite 🙂


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