Tired of sub-quality vegetables in supermarkets?


I am absolutely tired of walking into supermarkets to find that I don’t want to buy any of their vegetables. Their already packaged produce is over priced, and I’m over having to sift through potatoes with holes, split butternut or rotting onions. And sadly, there is not a single supermarket that can offer both a good price and fresh, beautiful produce.

While we were camping this weekend, we made some new friends. While getting ready for a braai, a box of some of the most beautiful vegetables I have ever seen was produced from their car. Everything from carrots, to beetroot, to leeks. Welcome to the box scheme.

So this was my first introduction to Harvest of Hope. They are run by Abalimi Bezekhaya, and this projects has been teaching the community of Khyalitsha how to farm sustain ably. Most of the plots that are involved in this project are run by woman, and strict guidelines are enforced to ensure that the produce is farmed in an organic manner. If the farmers do not live up to these guidelines, the project does not sell their produce. They have been running since 2008 and just keep growing through the positive word of mouth that they generate through their clients.

They offer two different size boxes that are delivered to collection points. A small box feeds about two people (R87/week) and a medium box can feed up to four people (R121/week). You can sign up here if you are interested.

For anyone living outside of the Cape Town Metropol area, there is a small problem. There are no collection areas. Now, this is a non-profit organisation, where all the money is pumped back into the farming project, so I wanted to find out if they would consider setting up a collection point in Somerset West. The answer to my email was “yes, we would love to set up a collection point there for you”. They just need to make it worthwhile so that they can cover the petrol costs. So We need 10 orders in the area, and then they will find a place to set up a collection point. We’re definitely in, so we need to get nine more orders.

If you are interested in joining us in this, and supporting a great project to boot, send me your contact details, either in a comment on this, or email to tamsinhaley49@gmail.com.



  1. HI, I am most interested in being a part of this and would love to sign up. When will you know whether they have enough people and where will the collection point be?

    1. Hi Tandy :). Hopefully we will know soon, we would like to try and have it set up as soon as possible. At the moment we have 5 orders from friends and family. This post of mine has been viewed by quite a few people so I am hoping that they contacted Harvest of Hope directly. I’m planning on emailing them today to find out how many people they have. They will then look for a place they can used as a collection point for their delivery once a week. If you do know of somewhere you would like to suggest that would be great. Would you like me to include your email address with the bunch that I’ll email through today?

  2. tarryn · · Reply

    Would def. Like to order. Im situated in gordons bay

    1. Hi Tarryn, That’s great! Just sent through enough emails to get a Somerset West point set up and there is Gordon’s Bay interest on Facebook as well, so I’ll send them the 10 email addresses to start a point there too. Would you like to send me your email to add to the list? You can email me at tamsinhaley49@gmail.com if you don’t want to leave it here 🙂

  3. Hi, sign us up:) Also pretty sick of the state of affairs in supermarkets…and love good fresh veggies!

    1. Hi Michelle, Great! What’s your email address and which area are you in?

  4. hi, you can sent them my email address and I can always be a drop off point if you need one – I work in Strand and live in Gordons Bay 🙂 Please email me back!

  5. Sonja McGregor · · Reply

    Hi Please add us in for the Somerset West Drop off, Actually live in Sir Lowry’s Pass, with long term prospects of adding other organic produce to the list, can supply honey from the mountains of the Hottentots Holland Mountains above Sir Lowry’s Pass.

    1. Great will send them your contact details! That sounds like a great idea! Can maybe set it up at the same collection point?

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