No Make Up Selfie – How to actually make a difference

1383990_10151904217740927_331053875_n (1)

Okay so this is the new way to attract attention to the Breast Cancer cause. The No Make Up Selfie. And yes I did post one. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. Men grow Mo’s in November for exactly the same reason: to raise awareness.

So ladies, instead of drawing a fake mo on your face, sniffing your hair to make it “look” like a mo, sniff your finger and put a sticker on your face in support prostate and testicular cancer (forms of cancer that have nothing to do with your own anatomy and that most people do not die from), let’s focus a bit on breast cancer, one of the big killers as far as cancer is concerned, and a form of cancer that men can get as well by the way.

I have decided to make a donation as part of my No Make Up Selfie effort. So I had a bit of a Google this morning to see who I can donate to in South Africa. The big one is CANSA.  So if you want to, go donate there. But there is no guarantee that the money will be used for breast cancer research or any early detection campaigns. So I have decided to donate to Pink Drive. This organisation is actually out there doing early detection campaigns and teaching people about Breast health. So I am definitely on board. Well that and it looks like they do fun runs to raise money as well. Might just sign up to one of those.

If you do want to find out how to do a self-breast exam, click here.


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