Playlist update – 19 March 2014

Chris and I had a debate. Whenever we have people round, we want to put music on while we are having a braai or just chatting. And every single time we have to put together a new playlist. It’s rather annoying. So we are going to set up a music bank with some of the best oldies and some of the best new music as it comes out. Which means that I need to update my own playlist before we can get anywhere.

Honestly the only thing that catches my eye off of the US charts this week is their new entry at Number 20. Coldplay “Magic”.

The UK charts have a bit more to offer. Number 14, also a new track, is a comeback single from “Jar of Hearts” singer, Christina Perry. This one is called “Human”.

I personally love the New Zealand charts. I always find great tracks! Like this week’s number 18. Hedley’s “Anything” music video is brilliant, as they really messed with the concept of what you can or cannot do for the sake of art. Love it!

And I just love anything Lorde. This week’s number 29 in New Zealand is “Ribs”.

Lastly, the Australian charts. I love the original of this song, and Skylar Grey’s voice does it justice. Number 3 down under this week is David Guetta and Skylar Grey “Shot Me Down”.

And that’s all the charts seem to have to offer this week


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