“Let It Snow” Amazing Disney Cover

I have heard some rather interesting things about the track which won Best Original Song at the OScars this year.

Like how its a song about coming out.

And that the movie encourages bestiality.

Of course these are facts that have been bought up by pastors in the USA who have nothing better to do, and are so frustrated themselves that they need to find hidden meanings in a children’s film.

We’ve watched it twice already though and it is amazing! Poor Chris has been running around singing “Do you want to build a snowman” since Sunday evening.

My favorite thing about amazing songs like this is the spin off and parodies that surface afterwards. This one is perhaps the best I’ve found so far:


This is an incredibly talented person. Never mind the fact that he can voice so many different characters, but his changes between them in the song are flawless. And I love how he hasn’t just used their voices, but he has injected the song with bits of their different personalities as well.

Only Captain Jack Sparrow would claim he’s a queen and then think about what he said. Winnie the Poo would be nervous about singing such a large part in the song (and a rather important part), and then want to munch some honey afterwards.

So well done Brian Hull, and it’s amazing that you can voice 21 different Disney characters in about 3 minutes. I especially love that your throw in a female character just when the viewer has accepted that you can only voice male characters (I’m not counting Roz from Monsters Inc. as a woman by the way. She sounds like a man).


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