DIY Cross Stitch Throw Cushions

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I’m very glad that these throw cushions are finally finished! Started work on them last year, and inbetween Christmas presents, moving, gardening and sewing machine problems, they have taken a long time to finish…

All of the cross stitch pieces have been finished since before I finished high school. So they have just been sitting in a little bag, packed away and sadly not seeing the light of day. That was until I decided to do something with them. These patch work pillows have been fun, and relatively easy to make. The reality about patchwork is that it does take a while to sew all the little bits and pieces together.

Th backs were easy enough. I used a washed look quilting material for the back, which i cut in half and hemmed. Then I attached a button to each pillow and crocheted a little look to hold onto the button. Very simple and it works incredibly well.

I’m going to make another throw pillow similar to this one to go in our lounge. Then I have 3 more than are in need of new covers (because they are all orange and I am not a fan). So I’m thinking of doing a teal and coral design to go on the couch in the dining room, and a blue and brown design one for the chair in our bedroom. Then my pillow craze should be over for a bit. Still have a picnic blanket and t-shirt quilt in the works at the moment. And the 1o1 other projects I want to start!



  1. what a great idea, I love the teddy bear one 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 He’s my favorite too!

  2. I’ve done that teddy bear too – just waiting to be framed. What a great idea to turn them in to cushions!

    1. The frame that came with Teddy broke :(. But very happy with the cushions!

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