The first beds in our veggie garden!

IMG_20140316_160824 IMG_20140316_160735


After a large amount of hard work, from both Abi and Chris, the veggie garden is a reality!

Chris spent yesterday morning finishing off our first 2 beds, so I could start planting. And just as well! The one thing that I have learnt from the exercise so far is that egg cartons do not work as seedling trays. The fall apart from the moisture, and if the roots bet to the carton, they start to grow through and die. So sadly I have a lot less seedlings than what I started out with because of this…

But, there is one little cucumber plant that is in the garden, a been plant and a pea plant. They are all up against the old fence piece that we are using as a trellis. Then, there is some spinach, mustard, cauliflower, broccoli and leeks that I planted out yesterday. There’s still space for some other things, but I am waiting for them to seed first.

The second bed is going to be home to the root vegetables. So we have some carrots, onions, beetroot and turnips growing in there.

We’re going to work on bed number 3 this coming weekend, so I have a few things in seedling trays and growing so long. We’re expecting some rocket, lettuce, cabbage and celery to still come up. I also planted more peas, leeks and spinach yesterday after finishing in the garden. and red basil, which was sadly a casualty of the egg cartons…

The jalapenos and peppadews are growing very slowly. I think that’s fairly normal though. We have them in pots, and are ready to move them indoors when the temperature drops a bit more.


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