Seedsaving: Butternut and gem squash

IMG_20140316_160523 IMG_20140316_160614

So with all the gardening we have been doing, I decided to try some seed saving as well. Now the ones that I have drying in my kitchen after the weekend are most likely hybrid seeds, as I got them from a supermarket. Think I should research some farmers markets in the area to get some heirloom seeds to save…

Anyway, this weekend I saved some butternut and gem squash seeds. They should be ready in about a week to plant, so then we will see how they grown.

It’s fairly easy to save seeds from members of the pumpkin and squash family. Basically you hollow the seeds out of the vegetable, much like you already do when you are going to cook them. After that, you need to wash them off, so that the gooey layer that covers the seed comes off.

They you lay them out to dry. I’m just using kitchen towel to lay all the seeds out. They need to be in a nice warm place so that they can dry well. When they have dried so that you can snap them in half, they are ready to either be planted or stored.

The one thing about saving seeds at home is that most seeds that you buy, both heirloom and hybrid, are treated so that they don’t go off. The best way for you to make sure that they don’t go off, is to put them in a seal-able bag, label them clearly and pop them into the freezer.

From what I have read these seeds should last for about a year :).


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