Get rid of the garden snail!


Our little veggie garden is getting somewhere slowly, and I will share more pictures soon.

Finally, all my seeds have arrived! My last order came in from, and they really do have a great variety that you can pick from, as well as somethings I promise that you have never thought of growing. So now we have seedling trays going for all of our vegetables except for the root vegetables we want to plant, because those do best if they are planted straight into the garden. At least that’s what I have read.

Here’s the problem with the actual garden though: the soil is really difficult to work. It’s almost pure clay, so trying to get a spade into it is not easy. I’m going to have to ask Chris really nicely to get it there and churn things up, while I carry on clearing the huge amount of spider-infested weeds (cos that’s my FAV thing to do 😦 ). But we will get there. Slowly.

In the meantime, I’m in a continuous battle with snails. A few little cauliflowers, broccoli, baby marrows and cucumbers have been chomped before they even had a chance to pop out of the ground properly. So I’m distributing salt around all of the trays to make sure that they stay away. I really just want to get my seedlings planted so I can use some rooibos mulch to keep the irritants away!

*sigh* I’ll share some pictures that I do have soon. For now I’m also trying to revive a string bean plant that decided to put its roots through the seedling tray so didn’t seem to grow too well. Hopefully it will revive!



  1. for snails put out a saucer of beer

    1. Oo will try that 🙂

  2. Sprinkle very generously with salt a half/quarter watermelon shell [flesh scooped out and eat / made into yummy watermelon granita! of course] and leave outside. Snails will flock to nom on the bit of melon flesh that is left out and will die an excruciating bubbly salty death! Also look into egg shell barriers! You can always collect egg shells at work!

    1. Thanks for that, that sounds like a great idea! Like the granita idea too ;). Wish I could collect egg shells at work, but I’m in education and there don’t ever seem to be eggs in the office.

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