Patchwork baby bibs



I had so much fun with these baby bibs. I used them as part of 1st birthday presents for friends, but they could work very well as a baby shower gift if you know the baby’s name.

I started off by looking for a pattern. I did manage to find one that was a decent size for a one year old to wear. I did decide to modify it though. I personally prefer the bibs with the strings that you can tie. Thanks to Heather Bailey and her blog, I managed to find a pattern that I could easily modify. Check it out here. You can also use her guide on how to make the bib if you like the style.

Next was the material. When we were in St Francis over New Years, I did pop in to the beautiful quilting shop that they had there. So most of the materials that I used were from there. I just cut it into strips of the same size and sewed them together. I then cut it to size according to the pattern.

The next step was the embroidery work. This is the first time I’ve done proper embroidery since I was ten years old, so I did practice the chain stitch a bit before I did it straight onto the bib.

Lastly came the binding. This is the most time-consuming part of the project, as I tried to get it as perfect as I could, but I think I still need to brush up on my binding skills.

This was a great DIY project and I had so much fun doing it! There’s another one in the pipelines, but I’ll share a picture when mommy opens it :).


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