The beginning of my edible garden: Herb DIY


Okay the last few weeks have been absolutely nuts, as we just moved Chris to Somerset West to live with me, he’s been running around to job interviews, and the many other little things that we seem to have running all at once. I really don’t know how people have kids on top of having a life. Much respect for them.

Anyway, one thing I have wanted for quite a while now, and just haven’t got around to starting it is my own vegetable and herb garden. I simply love the idea of strolling out my front door, and taking 10 steps to find fresh, beautiful vegetables to cook with. So it started at Christmas. This lovely box that you see was a present from Chris. He took the time to seal it and set it properly so that it doesn’t leak, and it has a supporting tray with 8 pot plants in it for herbs.

So as soon as we could, we missioned to Builders so I could buy all the plants in the world! Just kidding. As I already had thyme, and was trying to grow rosemary from off-cuts, the herb box now has a lovely selection: chives, sage, oregano, watercress, sweet basil and flat leaf parsley. These herbs have already been combined in almost all my cooking, including bolognaise, pasta, stews and even scrambled eggs and omelettes.

One problem though. There is a huge snail problem in our garden. Hence, the now very think ring of salt on the edge of the box. So sadly my sweet basil and watercress were savagely attacked in the night and could do nothing to defend themselves… And there seem to be little locusts that love only the sage…. weird….


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