Getting hot in the garden… Jalapenos!


Plant number two is jalapenos! We have found a great way of making our own jalapeno poppers, and in 2 months we will be able to do so from our own garden!

Once again, it seems that we are planting these a bit late, but the heat wave at the moment should hopefully help with that. We planted 9 seeds, and the 5th little plant is busy coming up. So we are going to see how they go. Apparently from day 70 we can harvest. They did take close to 14 days to pop up out of the soil, love sun like the green beans, and need moist soil. Also make sure they have plenty of support, as the roots tend to be rather long.

They’ll need to be moved to the garden soon, and I’ve been doing lots of reading on peppers. Seems like you have to be incredibly careful with their roots when you replant, and they can survive through the winter if they are kept indoors.

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