Losing respect for Al Gore – the final nail in his coffin

I had plenty of respect for Al Gore. Standing up and becoming a voice for the push against global warming was admirable (even though the Earth goes through cycles and will be able to regenerate itself, though I doubt it will let humans continue living then). But sadly he seems to have confused his mouth with another orifice of his, cos the nonsense coming out of his mouth can only come from one place.

“Africans need to have their fertility managed”. And sadly he is not joking. This is ridiculous. I understand that all Americans feel that they have a right to how Africa should be managed, that’s if they can actually point Africa out on a map. But to actually dare propose a method of control over such a vast continent (or does he think it’s all one country?) is not only disgusting, it is racist. To be honest, he’s not talking about the minority white populations. He’s pointing fingers at what he must see as the uneducated black populations that span across the continent. Never mind that Africa has other problems that constitute to how and why the population grows. Never mind that Al Gore has 4 children of his own. Should he ever be told that he needs to “manage” his fertility I’m sure he would be rather upset.

The problems that have arisen in China because of their “one-child” policy should be reason enough to stay away from “management” of other people’s bodies.

He’s an opinion. If you want to have such a drastic opinion, get your ass out your house that was paid for with tax-payers money and go do an outreach in Africa. Understand the people before you condemn them. Otherwise you are no better than anyone else in history, and Al Gore – global warming will not be the only thing that is repeated.



  1. Paul Murphy · · Reply

    I wouldn’t single out Africans, but he’s not exactly wrong/

    1. Population control is something that needs to happen, and that comes through education. The problem is that he has decided to make African’s the scape goats for the problem.

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