Shelly Point weekend away

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So I won a weekend away to the Shelly Point Hotel, which included 9 holes of golf and what they call a hydro treatment at their spa. This is all good and great on paper, but it was such a mission to just even get the booking right!

As my mum had offered to help by starting the booking process rolling for us, they point blank refused to change the email address afterwards, and though my mum was away for work and didn’t have access to her emails at home, I couldn’t check the confirmations they kept sending to the wrong address. After many phone calls to the incompetent Nicola at the front desk (no idea what her surname is), and about 3 calls with the manager, the finally managed to work out what dates fell over the weekend (instead of booking us in from Thursday – not like we have jobs right?), but were still sending the communication to the wrong place.

We arrived in the wonderful heat we have been having to find a room with no air conditioner in the bedroom, a wine stain on the carpet, bird poop on the pillow and a window shutter that would not close properly so the world can watch you sleeping. As you can hear, I was not particularly impressed at all. We did pop down for cocktails on the Friday night, which were actually the best Mojito’s I had ever tasted!

We arrived at breakfast the next morning to find they had also forgotten to put us on the breakfast list. Luckily this was not an issue, but just another opportunity for me to shake my head at how simple things that should be everyday practice get overlooked. After breakfast we walked down to the pro shop to find out why our phone calls and emails had been ignored. Apparently they were “not received”. Anyway, we managed to book a golf session right then and there, and had a great game for 3 hours, with no one behind us to get irritated at our slow speed. As it was my first game ever, it took me a while to get down the fairway, and Chris has a knack for getting his ball into the bushes every single time. But a great game, and only 4 balls lost between the 2 of us.

A nap was in order after golf, and then we got ourselves ready to head to our hydro treatment. I will say one thing, as far as the hotel goes, only the spa is on top of things. organised, efficient, friendly, everything you want your staff to be. I wasn’t too impressed with the hydro treatment, as it was just a mash up of steam rooms, saunas and different showers, but it was a relaxing experience that we enjoyed.

I found that the restaurant was over priced for very simple food. For lunch we had 2 starters that cost over R100… Anyway, the pizza we had for supper was very good, with a thin crispy base :).


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