Zuma is keen on majority… I’ll pick the minority again thank you.

I’m jumping in late here (I actually had to do some work today and busy taking a quick break before continuing), but I did have a good giggle at some of the statements that have come out of the ANC 102 birthday party yesterday. I’m not going to even try to quote Zuma (cos it gets long-winded), but it is funny that he is blaming the voters for the state of the country. Basically he wants the majority of the vote so they can change things in the country, and apparently they can’t because they don’t have the “majority say in parliament”. And there was something in there about changing the constitution too…

It’s amazing what comes out of many politician’s mouths to be honest. Not only from the ANC, but anyone who is even attempting to run for government, that includes the likes of Julius Malema and Helen Zille. It really has become a disillusioned mess, maybe not as bad as it was before, but bad enough to not mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Gone are the days when politicians did as they promised. We have people in this country who need so much help it’s not even funny, but our politicians line their pockets 100s of times over. And apparently I cannot have a valid opinion because I am a white girl with a job and a house and a car.

Reality is that a democracy is when 2 changes of parliament have taken effect. We have only had one political party in power since becoming “democratic” in 1994.

Also, they would not need to change the constitution if they actually tried to apply it in the first place.

I think I’ll stick to being the minority.


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