Langebaan holidays

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So Langebaan was great to get away to for a few days. And while we were there I picked up on some great new things about the place.

The new bar Kalmer Karma is a great place to spend some time if you feel like some cocktails, a view of the beach and you don’t mind that the only thing you can order is tapas. If you are used to spending time in Camps Bay or Clifton, this restaurant will seem cheap to you. If not , well then it’s a little bit pricier than you average franchise. So overall, we’ll be back.

We popped down to the marina at Mykonos for a great seafood supper. Bazooki’s has revamped themselves and their menu to boot. Great nachos, followed by a decent seafood platter and cocktails to boot. And nothing beats watching the yachts bob on the water.

If you want to do any fishing, sometimes it’s best to ask for advice from the locals on the beach. Don’t bother asking the guy at the bait shop next to Kekkel en Kraai. He is seriously one unhappy individual and couldn’t be interested in your needs, just how much he can try make you buy. The diving/bait shop opposite the post office is way friendlier and better priced anyway.

If you plan on geocaching in the National Park, make sure you pack your hiking boots. At least one of them is quite a walk to get to. Also, the service providers are not always the most faithful in the park, so save your caches for offline use before you get there.

Avoid the beach on Boxing Day. Seriously.

Oh, and if you say you’re getting engaged, you can get away with almost anything, cos the locals love a good celebration!

P.S. We hid a cache where we got engaged. Waiting for it to be approved then will post the link here.


** And here it is, our engagement cache: The Romantic Ruins


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