Highway to Gauteng – The Steve and Juju edition

One thing we have been hearing about recently are the E-tolls which have been put into effect in Gauteng. There’s been uproar on social media about the implementation, though I do think that if that outrage was used to actually fight the battle instead of a quick update from your own bed we may have gotten somewhere. Anyway, it’s great to see all the new jokes that have already come to light in the last few hours.

Both Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyer were arrested for speeding last night in Jo’burg. My favourite joke so far is Steve saying “Ek moes vinnig daar deur jag. Ek het nie ‘n E-tag nie.” I do find it ironic that these two were caught on the same night for the same crime, but also it’s a cry for a bit of attention. They are both used to being in the news for whatever notorious nonsense they are usually up to that the attention that has been placed on the passing of Mandela, and the fake Interpreter, had taken their limelight away from them for too long. So we were offered a double whammy on a platter.


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