Why don’t you get a job?

The last week or so the South African media has been shocked with different accounts of different news stories that have come to light. It’s slightly ironic that people are shocked about stats like that in South Africa. A woman is raped every 4 minutes (I remember that stat from high school, so that seems like old information), or that half of the woman killed in the country are killed by their partner. These are old stats. The media is simply on the ball with reporting stories. And even not all that on the ball. We already have the problem of information overload thanks to how we use the internet. If a report was written about every rape, murder and crime that happens in this country, the field of journalism would need many more people working the ropes to keep it up to date.

It is extremely sad what has happened to Reeva. No person should have to die like she did, and no family should have to experience the pain that her family must be going through. What is tragic is that we care about Reeva and Oscar because of their celebrity status. What about the unnamed women who are killed by their partners? What about their family’s pain? What about the women in this country who are raped who have to live with the psychological pain, amongst other things, for the rest of their lives? We tend to forget, and focus on what we want to. We focus on ourselves.

We feel that social media have given us the right to just spit out all of our thoughts into a public arena, no matter how half-formed or dim-witted they are. And everyone has been responsible for this type of action at some point, myself included. The difference comes in where people feel their opinions matter more than other people’s feelings. Compassion is something that parents should be teaching their children from a young age. Why does that suddenly go out the window because we are able to hide behind a PC screen or our cell phones? I’m sorry, but grow a pair. Yes, it looks like Oscar may have killed Reeva. I say may have, as he has not been tried yet, and I will wait until the jury has made their decision. Yes, he should not be defended if he is guilty, then he deserves what he got. 

But someone died. Someone’s family has been torn apart at the seams. A parent has outlived their child, something that should never happen. It is apparently the worst feeling a parent can ever experience: worse than disappointment or anger. It is an absolute loss. There is no bringing Reeva back. In this light, the jokes that have been made on different social networks are distasteful and bordering on sick. The best one I have seen has nothing to do with Reeva, and is courtesy of Trevor Noah: And the Oscar goes to…. jail.

The half-wit opinions that are circling the net are terrible. Last I checked, no one who has made them are police officers, forensic detectives, lawyers or are in any other position where they can comment on the case and give a professional opinion as to what happened. Even the media was sending out information that the police had not authorized. Now how reliable are your sources then if that’s where you got your cynical “information”? So here’s a thought: Why don’t you get a job that qualifies you to comment first. Then actually you might have a better idea of the situation.


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