Take a Dirty Picture…

Now, I’ll be honest, I got the idea for this post from something I saw at a friend’s place. This guy had taken a picture with a girl, presumably with some or other company like Thunda.com, and when he asked her to write her number on the back of it, she decided to give him her name instead.

After thinking that this poor person had just been batted, it did occur to the group of people we were with that you could easily put the girl’s name into Google, and find her Facebook and Twitter accounts among other things. The thought that this is how we date people these days was kind of unnerving, especially with the idea that random people can be searching you on the internet at any time. Cyber-stalking seems to be a bigger threat than actual stalking, as you can never be sure when you are being watched, and what details people are managing to find out about you.

Then I thought even further, surely it is easier to come up with a fake name than a fake telephone number. I’ve been in situations where a really persistent guy hasn’t wanted to take no for an answer, and then my poor boyfriend at the time has gotten some strange phone calls. That seems to be the only number I can think of when I’m stuck. But a fake name open up so many possibilities, and makes it so much easier to get out a tight spot as a girl.

The nasty thing about this is that I suppose some girls are really petty enough that they will give the name of someone they dislike instead of their own. So in actual fact the picture does become a dirty one, though I’m sure not the one that Taio Cruz meant.


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