She got walked all over

Scary story in the news this morning. A Saudi princess (really??) is being held is California for trafficking. But not the kind of trafficking we are used to hearing about. While she was still living in Saudi Arabia, she hired a Kenyan lady to clean her house. And when she moved to the USA, she made the woman come with her, and she’s been holding the lady’s passport and forcing her to stay inside her house. Talk about domineering.


It must be absoultely terrible to be forced to go to a new country and holed up in someone’s heouse. I can’t imagine it. I get cabin fever from staying in over a weekend. But the woman who locked her up, she must really be a piece of work. I know things are done a bit differently in Saudi (ok, no woman’s rights basically), but I kind of expected the ladies to be able to show pity to another woman because they are all treated the same. Guess I was wrong. Human nature never ceases to surprise.

That’s what you call walking over someone.


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