Personal Jesus?

Soooo…. a former IT specialist from Australia is claiming to be Jesus? And his wife is the reincarnate of Mary Magdaleen? Weird timing for me to be seeing this information. In the last bit I have been watching quite a few documentaries about cult leaders. After learning more about the Manson Family and Jonestown, it’s scary to think about what this new movement could lead to. People have already left their lives behind to follow this man in his teachings. Sorry, but that does not seem healthy.

There seem to be quite a few different movements that we see as cults, such as Scientology. And maybe we just are becoming more judgmental and critical of religion of a whole. Can you blame people, as some of the religious “movements” that have sprung up since the 50s have lead to mass deaths, murder sprees and abuse of all kinds? 

I don’t think I’ll be jumping onto the bandwagon with this one. Everyone celebrates their religion differently, and that’s great for them. It’s their prerogative. In that sense, religion becomes very personal. But leaving a life behind to follow one man who was first an IT technician and is now apparently Jesus? That seems a bit suspect. I may not know my Bible well enough to comment, but as far as I can remember, Jesus was always acted as the Son of God, even when he was a child. Why would his reincarnate only start living this way once he was an adult?

Double irony in the song choice for this post BTW.


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