My Cape Town…

Yeah, the heat has been pretty hectic in the Western Cape this summer. Either we are dealing with some extreme heat (and it’s not even February yet) or its raining. Not too sure how all that happened, but it is happening. This is about the point that many people take to the different social network platforms and complain about the weather. To what end? Goodness only knows if you ask me. Mark Zuckerberg is a powerful guy, but not powerful enough to change the weather. He also probably doesn’t give a damn. So if you are just one of those annoying people who like to complain so you can feel good about yourself when you see the post at a later stage, get over it.

We seriously live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. There is a good reason Table Mountain is one of the New World Wonders. So here’s an idea: instead of complaining and then cranking your fan up and staying at home, head out an explore Cape Town a little bit.

I’m sure most people have been to the Waterfront, but maybe it’s time to wonder further a field. If you have yet to be to a Kirstenbosch Summer Concert, you are seriously missing out and need to make a plan. A picnic on the grass before hand (or during, pick your flavor) and the lights of the city twinkling below you are only two of the highlights of the experience. The rest you can figure out for yourself. If the outdoors is your thing, another great summertime event not to miss out on is the Maynardville Shakespeare in the park. I guarantee that it will leave you loving Shakespeare, that and the picnic beforehand has guinea fowls becoming your new best friends. At the interval, you do need to treat yourself to a good hot chocolate. I still need to experience the ballet there on the Sunday evening, though I’m sure it will be just as amazing and breathe-taking.

Or even if the urban setting is more your think, take a stroll down Kloof Street, there are some absolutely great little shops hidden on the street and in the streets just off of it. Not everything happens on Long Street. If the heat really is getting to you, there are always the museams. Why not take a trip to the Natural History Museum or the National Gallery? One place on my list is the Holocaust Museum, which I will visit before the year is out.

Or better yet, why not explore Cape Town your own way? Everyone has their own Cape Town. This in only my idea of MY Cape Town. and there are still plenty of ways I want to explore it:

Abseil Table Mountain

Sunset Cable Car Ride

Full Moon Lion’s Head Walk

See the Adderley Street Christmas Lights turn on

and the list continues…


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