Medical Miracles against the poison

So in the last few weeks there just seems to have been great news on the fronts of these illnesses which have been crippling society. Emily Whitehead was cured of her leukemia. The whole story is very touching and you can see it here.  What makes this case so interesting is that the HIV virus was used in the process. Very strange it would seem. So using the HIV virus and the way it works in the body to attack cancer cells…. it seems to work. HIV can cure cancer.


And as of this morning, there is news that it works the other way around. Two HIV postive patients who had been on anti-retrovirals for years both developed lymphoma. They worked to cure their lymphoma using stem cells….. and now there is no trance of HIV in their systems. They’re still keeping an eye on them to see if it comes back, but both of them have come off their long-term medication. Seems like a good sign. Read more here.

Who would have thought that these two diseases would have the ability to cancel each other out.



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