Material Hearts – A great way to decorate anything!


I just received a very special comment on my blog from the friend who I made the quilted runner for, and then I remembered the fabric hearts I made for her Kitchen Tea gift. Supper simple to make and pretty on anything (at this point she was getting a sneak peek of her wedding present and didn’t even know it – I used some of the quilting material here). And then I either crocheted little hearts or little flowers to finish the project. Put them all together, and then added them to tea towels. 🙂



  1. Very cute and creative; congrats 🙂 ~ Global Jewelry

  2. Love the blog, it is positive, and impressive. Lots of people want to look a particular way however don’t want to place in the work to attain what they might consider their ideal self.

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for that! Glad you have enjoyed the blog. To be honest this is just what’s happening in my mind all day everyday so it’s fun to put it down somewhere.

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