Knitting 2013



Ok so these are some of the thinkgs I have knitted since my gran taught me how to mid-2012. It’s a pitty that I didn’t really take pictures of the kid’s stuff i made, but I have done 3 kids beanines, a baby jersey, lots of booties and baby beanies. There’s also a baby cardigan that I am still busy with, so that may just end up on here soon.

So, in the left top corner I did a scarf for Chris with tassles. First time I had doen tassles so they may not be perfect but they are cute. Next to that is the beanie I made for Abi, which I love, especially the buttons on the side. Next two pictures are the winter cut-off gloves I made for us. They are brilliant for when we go camping, especially as we did end up having a camping trip while there was snow on the mountains in August. Next is my pink and white beanie. This thing is so comfy, and I love that the wool is something a bit different.

My matching scarf for Chris’s one is next. It’s an infinity scarf as those are my favourites. Then my first crochet project. My black mascot with hounds-tooth buttons. Lovely for in the winter. The white and brown scarf is another infinity scarf that I did, though it’s a Christmas present for this year, so I won’t say for who. And last but not leaset, the biggest knitting challenge so far, socks for Chris.

I have some more knitted stuff to put up soon. Just going to wait for everyone to open them on Christmas morning first.


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