It all revolves around Money…

The recession is old news. We’ve been hearing about it for the last few years. Luckily, South Africa has not been hit as badly as some of the other countries around the world. We have still been able to live fairly comfortable lifestyles. Well, you know, if you had cash to begin with. Being part of the middle class is not as easy as it once was, belts have been tightened all over to make sure that everyone remains relatively alright. But I do tend to wonder what’s happening with the lower classes in the country, if some “middle-classers” barely seem to be able to get through the month.

The GDP numbers were released today, and all people are talking about how low the figures are for our GDP. This just means more belt-tightening is needed. Or that’s what the reports will say. Never mind the fact that our political elites are living some of the most lavish lifestyles in the world. Sadly their salaries come from the tax money that we pay, that should be helping citizens in this time of need. Now, I’m not talking about a dole-system where money is just handed out. I’m thinking more of using it to upgrade night shelters, fund NGOs that help the poor and creating more jobs in our country, lowering the unemployment rate, and in turn, positively affecting the GDP (right?).

Babbling, babbling and it’s all just money, money, money. Reality check please.


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