Harlem Shake… Right…

Please correct me if I get this wrong. Especially awesome people have been creating dance moves for ages, ever since pop music became the best thing since sliced bread. We’ve seen plenty that were cool, like the Moon Walk or the Running Man, and these are the ones that very few people can do. Then you get moves like the Macarena and the moves that went with the Ketchup Song… lame, boring and people with zero coordination can do it (yes, sadly I fall into this group).

So recently, Party Rock…. Awesome. Gangnam Style….. Amazing! Harlem Shake… dude, I invented that dance move when I was 13 and messing around in my room cos I was that bored at times. Seriously?? It’s like the nerd-dance-move gone wrong. I’m actually seriously disappointed in nerds all around the world. Because it seems that this dance move was made and is being copied by nerds, who have hideous faces (otherwise why hide them under masks), that get no action ever (why does everything have to get humped?), and might all have epilepsy and someone has hidden a strobe light somewhere to get them to pull this off.

No man nerds, shame on you. Go to your bedrooms now and think on what you have done. Cos nerds, here’s the secret, you stay as you are in high school, and by the time you finish varsity you have the hot girl. Stop humping everything! It’s just sad.

No idea what I’m talking about? See if you can make it through this compilation then. I couldn’t. (And yes I am aware of the irony that I’m helping to spread it by doing this)


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