Be careful who you’re mean to…

Ah, so lovely woman in the traffic this morning. She rode up my ass, starting giving me loads of hand gestures (you know the kind) and flashing her lights. So I decided that I really liked the lane I was in, especially as it was the lane I needed to be in to make the next turn off. She then rushed past me, and got herself boxed in completely. Karma is very sweet.

Long story short, careful who you’re mean to. They could be someone who writes things and puts it up on the internet, or if I wasn’t taking a break from radio, she could be a whole rant, with callers who could give their opinions on people like this.

I feel sorry for this woman if she was late for work, but that doesn’t really give her a reason to just be rude because she got up late. Lesson I learnt today: Watch yourself. Others don’t need to be punished because you’re in a bad mood.

I picked out a road rage song for her. Kinda hope she reads this so she has something to make her feel better. 


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