Are we going to take it?

So the South African National Senior Certificate examination results are being released today… and everyone seems to be in an uproar. Yeah, some of the stats are not the best, completely agreed. I never did understand why the pass rate was so low, even when I was in school. Or why they are is such a large percentage of children who started school back in 2001 that didn’t finish school (hopefully the parents that let their kids drop out after grade 9, standard 7 for the older folk, are feeling bad now).

Yeah, the politics are bad and the education system does not always work the best, but here’s the thing that bugs me the most… as South Africans, we are incredibly good at complaining about things and not doing anything about it. Yes, let’s blame the education department for the bad results. If you’re a learner, why are you not pushing yourself harder? Why not aspire to be something different and not normal like everyone else? How about, you take that dream, and instead of leaving it to be a dream, you make it your reality. O wait… that would mean hard work, something that it seems most South African’s, regardless of ethnic origins, refuse to do, because it is way more fun to blame someone else.

And where have all the good parents gone? Why are you not pushing your children to do better? Why are you not encouraging them? Why do you feel the need to put your children down, by not listening to what they want and help guide them, rather than push for what you want? That only demotivates your child. That should be common sense. Is it really so much better to be able to blame the political system, either the old one or the current one, than have a successful, happy, well-balanced child? Think about that for a bit.

What about the teachers that no longer care? Yeah the system works against you, but why go into teaching in the first place if you were going to be miserable and infect the lives of the children you come in contact with with despair and destroy their confidence? You know what they say, and you’re proving it right: Those who can’t teach…

I’m sorry, I’m not going to be climbing onto the sorry bandwagon with you today, or anytime in the near future. I’m not going to take the whining if no one is willing to push back. And something else to learn: Pushing back does not mean there needs to be a strike.




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