America’s own weapons of mass destruction

So a law was signed into action this week which allows school to teach gun-safety to first graders…. I don’t think I even need to point out how stupid that sounds. They want to be able to put very susceptible minds into a room where they discuss the different mechanisms of a gun. Nevermind the fact that America is the continent that has the most school shootings in history. It’s amazing that when one of those incidents happen, parents get very very upset. Now, there are only a few “concerned” educators and parents. 

I really don’t see the need to hand a child a gun to practice “safety”. Rather have them know nothing about guns if you want them to remain safe. There is already enough exposure to these weapons in comtempory media. If they want to get their hands on it they will. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold modified and made their own weapons long before the shooting at Columbine took place. So the kids who want to play with guns will find a way.

Opening up the option for more teenagers to know how to handle a gun is an invitation for disaster. They are all already slightly imbalanced as it is, due to all the hormaonal changes in their bodies. The ones with serious psychological problems don’t need more access or encouragement to be able to hurt others. There has to be another way for educators and parents to reach out to troubled teenagers and help them before it is too late. And on the other hand, there are already enough stories of young children finding Daddy’s gun, playing with it and shooting their friend. 

There is the option that America is deciding to form their own little weapons of mass destruction…


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