Ameri…. FB??

So Mark Zuckerberg has decided to join a political party. Not only is the name of the party a bit retarded, and actually more in support of Twitter than anything else ( if you haven’t heard about it yet), but just because you have loads of money already doesn’t mean you have to jump into the political game. Sure, it seems that politicians are the people who always have the most money in a country, but normally that’s because of corruption. I can hardly see the CEO of Facebook, LinkedIn, Drop Box and a few venture capitalists feeding money into different causes and helping to make the country a better one. I doubt whether any of them even already give back to their communities. 

Politicians have gotten to a point where they throw big words around and hope that we will just swallow them. But what about an action plan? How are they actually planning to go about all that they promise? Do they even intend to do what they promise??’s promises are developments in immigration laws, education and scientific research. Possibly ways to get immigrants into the country to work in their companies, education to aid keeping most Americans in the dark about what happens in the world around them and scientific research to help them to progress their industries.

Really, this is something that I just cannot take seriously…


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