Accidentally in Love

Right now, I’m going to ignore that we received potential catastrophic news for South Africa’s moral, which we were doing a really good job at building up. I will definitely do a post on the story when there is more information available. Thoughts do go out to the Steenkamp family. This cannot be an easy time for them right now. I think, that as much as the nation is confused, the family must be even more bewildered.


So moving onto the top of today, happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Or let’s leave it at Vday, as you can then decide whether you are celebrating vampires, veggies or va… you get the idea. The one thing I have had a good laugh at is the amount of people who have been talking about their worst dates. They have been really funny and I think have given people who do not have someone to share the day with, a great feeling of relief that it doesn’t always go right. My worse date experience is two-fold. The first guy, spent half the evening trying to force his version of religion down my throat, and the other half of the evening telling me how easy it is to be a radio presenter in South Africa. Idiot. The other one refused to tell me anything about himself, hiding behind the “fact” that he was a writer. And then I ran for the hills.

Hopefully everyone’s dates do work out tonight, whether with a partner, your cat or the couch. Maybe you will fall accidentally in love…


Oh and for future reference, you can get married on Robin Island on 14 February, just in case you want that real ball and chain feeling. 


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